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The commune of Grez-Doiceau is comparatively large, covering some 5,544 hectares (ie 13,700 acres). Its undulating countryside provides a wide variety of landscapes and scenery.

The valley of the River Dyle and its main tributaries (the Pisselet, the Train and the Nethen) forms the hydrographical structure of Grez-Doiceau.

The alluvial valley-floors are flat, whilst their carved sides are steep. Wide plateaux separate the different valleys.

A considerable amount (58 per cent) of the land in Grez-Doiceau is agricultural, mainly on the plateaux and the alluvial valley-floors. Wooded areas, also of considerable extent (20 per cent), are mostly located on the hillsides.

The population of Grez-Doiceau, currently above 12,000, has been growing rapidly over the last three decades.

Since the last merging of municipalities, Grez-Doiceau includes the following villages: Archenne, Biez, Bossut, Cocrou, Doiceau, Gastuche, Gottechain, Grez, Hèze, Nethen en Pécrot.